Introduction Illegal immigration is the migration of people into a country in violation of the immigration laws of that country or the continued residence without the legal right to live in that country. Illegal immigration tends to be financially upward, from poorer to richer countries. Illegal residence in another country creates the risk of detention, deportation, and/or other sanctions. Some people move in search of work or economic opportunities, to join family, or to study. Others move to escape conflict, persecution, terrorism, or human rights violations. Still, others move in response to the adverse effects of climate change, natural disasters, or other environmental factors. Today, more people than...

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Cyprus- History & Visa Application

Cyprus- history and visa application

Cyprus officially the Republic of Cyprus is an island country. The Republic of Cyprus is an island country located in the Eastern Mediterranean which has a lot of history and a lot to offer, starting from the beautiful sunny beaches to the countless historical sites and ancient ruins dotted around the island. History It is located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea south of the Anatolian Peninsula. It is the third-largest and third-most populous island in the Mediterranean and is south of Turkey and west of Syria. Its capital and largest city are Nicosia. Cyprus is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean. With an advanced, high-income economy and a very high Human Development Index, the Republic of...

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Policy- The New Nigerian Visa

Policy-The New Nigeria Visa

Nigeria's Visa new Policy will transform the country's economy said Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), Isah Idris. He made the assertion while declaring open stakeholders’ sensitization program on the Nigeria Visa Policy Document (NVP 2020), organized by Nigeria Immigration Service, Akwa Ibom State Command. Represented by the Coordinator, Zone E, Owerri, Mrs. E. C. Ejiogu, he said: “The NVP 2020 is an ambitious document that would drastically transform the economy of our country. In the document, we have expanded visa classes from mere six to 79 classes in three new categories of Short Visit Visa (28 classes), Temporary Residence Visa...

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Seven Countries that offers free education

Seven countries that offer free education are Sweden, Finland, Greece, Norway, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Brazil. To study in any of these countries is a good opportunity for you as you get to meet new people, cultures, foods and new places. It's a dream for many to study abroad and with these seven countries offering free education it just became possible. Usually, the process of studying abroad can be sometimes very difficult which is why most people give up on studying abroad. As a Nigerian, it can be very heartbreaking when you cant get a chance to pursue your...

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uk business

Uk business is easy and transparent, and the Uk Home office introduced a number of business and investment categories. Which you can use to decide on what business visa to apply for that goes with what you intend to do there. Unlike other visas, you must be certain that you filled in the correct working visa to avoid issues in the long run. In some cases, your business visa can be granted a leave to remain in the Uk or in other words as a settlement in the Uk. Interesting right, the Uk open market, and diversified economy provide both investors and...

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Visa Interview-Secrets to a Successful One

The Secrets to a successful visa interview are simple and easy to understand. To get your immigration papers easily there are a few things you need to know first aside from the interview questions. It is normal to feel that way, everyone does and it's not only based on visa interviews alone. It could be a job interview or trying out a new thing or getting to know someone whatever the case maybe we all get nervous at some point. Everyone feels nervous about their visa interview especially if it's their first time. But when you prepare ahead you can easily...

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Canada Green Card – Is it useful?

Canada Green Card is  what every foreigner who lives in Canada or intend to live there talk about. Some say its a green card to having your permanent stay in the country.  Its a very promising thing to acquire but is this card useful as they say. Legally, this card isn’t a thing but Canadian government does have a version of a green card which serves as a Permanent Resident Card (PR Card). This card is usually issued to foreigners who wish to migrate to Canada. When you are given this card you get the freedom to work and live in...

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US travel ban: Trump restricts immigration from Nigeria and five other countries.

travel ban

The US has announced it is expanding its curbs on immigration to include six more countries, including Nigeria, Africa's most populous nation. Citizens from Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, Tanzania, Kyrgyzstan and Myanmar will now be blocked from obtaining certain types of visas. People from those countries will still be able to visit the US as tourists. In 2018 the US issued twice as many immigration visas to Nigeria than to the other five nations combined. An official said the new measures were the result of failures by the six countries to meet US security and information-sharing standards. "These countries, for the most part, want to be...

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Visa On Arrival Application (VOA) Process: A good step in the right direction.

Visa on Arrival

It is no longer news that in a bid to make immigration into the country easier and with a view to attracting foreign investments, the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has launched an online Visa-on-Arrival (VoA) system. Visa on Arrival is a class of short visit visa issued at the port of entry. The new immigration service allows for visa applications without having to visit a Nigerian mission and can be made online in any country. All prospective migrants have to do is register online with the Nigeria Immigration Service and provide travel itinerary, after which a letter of approval will be...

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Worried by the influx of touts, who have completely and effectually taken over visa application and immigration related services from professionals in Nigeria, and in return offered poor and abysmal immigration related services to visa Applicants with the attendant consequence of perpetual increase in the percentage of number of visa denials from foreign embassies, High Commissions and consulates, one of the top immigration and business law firms in Nigeria, Prince Joel & Associates , in partnership with NOVO INIZIO CONSULTANTS LLC, a US based firm, on the 5th of April 2018 at no. 5a Dozek Close, Off Alternative Route, Chevron...

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