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Investing in the Protection Industry

The protection space in Nigeria today is yearning for massive investment initiative from top investors, reasons being that the industry is viable, vibrant and yet untapped, and only very few existing practitioners are really rendering professional services to the many clients who are willing to pay in order to protect their families, Assets and investment.

With the present porous security situation in the country where criminality is the order of the day, the concept of providing an effective and efficient protection services cannot be over emphasized. The society is in dire need of quality solution providers to the various security challenges, ranging from Kidnapping, Hostage taking, Armed Robbery, cyber stalking and hacking, identity theft, Militancy, Terrorism, and Piracy etc

Statistics within the first quarter of 2017 alone has shown, significant increase in the number of kidnapping cases of high profile persons around the country, school children kidnapped at random, huge ransom collected and in most cases, victim got killed even when huge sum of money have been collected.

The government security forces within the limits of available resources and training exposure have done their bits to stem down occurrences but it seems too little have been achieved and the populace as hungry and seeking for lasting solutions.

With this situation in mind, it is pertinent to state that investor stand a big chance to create value and recoup their investment with good structure and management style
Electronic Access control, CCTV Cameras, imaging and Biometric device market is fast evolving through advancement in technology to protect both physical and digital environments.The market trend is for integrated security management systems and more open solutions providers who will offer efficient services to a broader customer base in Nigeria and beyond.

Today we can ably say with clear indications that the time is ripe for a season of change in the protection industry, the market space need to be bridged by companies with the requisite industry knowledge, technical competence and market experience. In spite of the fragmentation, the protection industry has been, and continues to be a steady growing business, opportunities abound for investors to tap into and leverage on the huge gaps in key areas.

Protection services have become conventional, and as a business it has become ever more pertinent for multinational corporations to protect their most valuable assets. Few years ago, practitioners were more inclined to focus marketing efforts on the largest corporate end users and government sectors. Today security investment is on the rise in every market segment; public infrastructure, educational facilities, worship centers, Hospitals, Hotels & Hospitalities and for all businesses from small to medium size enterprises to the largest corporate end-users

The key element of success expected in the industry by investors will be to have a good strategy, communicate the strategy to the stakeholders (employers, Suppliers and Customers) back up your strategy with good and reliable products and unparalleled technical support & customer service. By providing the right leadership, effective management culture and the right caliber of staff you can be reassured your investment yield profitable returns.

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