IBELL Equipment & Logistics Ltd

A Brief profile of IBELL Equipment & Logistics Ltd

IBELL Equipment & Logistics Ltd is a company built from a vast array of experience that provides full service and maintenance program custom-made to our customer’s requirements. We offer solutions for equipment logistics rationalization, labor saving equipment, form cargo handling, warehousing, transportation, as well as products with environment relevant features. We give information and maintain all types of building construction projects, buy, sell and import construction materials and equipment, from blasters, crushers, compactors, tippers, to outstanding safety gears etc.

IBELL Equipment & Logistics Ltd offers planning and propositions for logistics tailored to customers wishes. We also lease out a broad range of building materials, construction equipment and machinery consistent with the requirements of customers.


If you are interested and wish to make an appointment or like to receive an offer, we kindly request you to fill in the information form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

E-mail: info@ibellequipments.com.ng

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