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It is a general rule applicable to all companies in Nigeria that has experts working on its behalf to assume responsibility for such expatriates, obtain Business Permit and Expatriate Quota. This is to be submitted to the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs. For every foreign expat working for a company, Nigerians must be employed to understudy such expats.

The company has certain obligations to make sure that an expatriate is properly managed and accounted for. For example, a company managing expatriates is to fill a Monthly Returns of expatriates under them working and living in Nigeria.

This Monthly Returns is to be submitted every month to the Comptroller General, Nigeria Immigration Service. Companies that have expatriates working under them is also responsible for obtaining the necessary work permits and ensure that they are working within the Nigerian legislation, it is also the responsibility of the company to see to the renewal of work/resident permit, renewal of quota, change of employment etc. Noncompliance with these above comes with legal implication.

It should be noted that not only companies managing expatriates are indebted to these rules above, this also applies to foreign individuals who wish to live and work in Nigeria.

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