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Nigerian expatriate quota policy states the requirements for hiring expats in Nigeria. The Expatriate Quota is the official permit given to business organizations operating in Nigeria to employ non-Nigerians into specifically approved job designations. It also specifies the duration of such employment as permitted. In order to sponsor a worker or expat company or employer must meet certain criteria. First of all, the company must obtain Nigeria business permit.

Every enterprise, desirous of obtaining Business Permit and Expatriate Quota, is to submit an application to that effect to the Federal Ministry of Internal Affairs on Form T/1 designed for that purpose. Companies are, however, to note that emphasis would be placed on employment of Nigerians to understudy the foreign experts for the purpose of training them, to enable the understudies acquire relevant skills for the eventual take-over of the expatriate quota positions. Renewal of quotas granted will not be automatic but considered on merit.

It is the responsibility of all Nigerian businesses to employ legal workers. ​If you are a Nigerian employer and want to employ a foreign national, it is important that you become familiar with Nigeria’s obligations. If the person you are wanting to employ is a foreign national, already in Nigeria, you must check that the person is travelling on a visa that gives them the right to work legally here.

The only way for an employee to legally work in Nigeria is by acquiring a CERPAC. This document is a combined residency and work permit, and it is the responsibility of the future employer to guide the employee through the necessary steps.

The process involves a lot of paperwork, but keep in mind that the CERPAC is tied to a specific job. If you decide to change jobs, you need to re-apply.

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