If you're someone who has an immigration dream and wants to make it a reality as quickly as possible, there are several steps you can take to fast track the process. Here are some tips to help you achieve your goal. Do your research: The first step in fast tracking your immigration dream is to research the process thoroughly. Understand the different types of visas available, the eligibility criteria, and the documentation required for each type of visa. This will help you make informed decisions and avoid delays in the process.Hire an immigration lawyer: Hiring an experienced immigration lawyer can help...

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7 Migration Challenges Nobody Will Tell You

Migration is an exciting and transformative process, but it can also be a challenging one. Whether you are moving to a new country, a new city, or just a new neighborhood, there are a lot of things to consider. In this article, we will explore seven migration challenges that nobody will tell you about, and provide some tips on how to overcome them. Culture Shock Culture shock is a very real phenomenon that can occur when you move to a new place. It can be especially challenging if you are moving to a country or region with a culture vastly different from...

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Immigration Minister Sean Fraser made an announcement about changes to strengthen family-class immigration in Canada.  ANNOUNCEMENT TO STRENGTHEN FAMILY REUNIFICATION A number of exciting updates were announced during Sean Fraser’s speech in Vancouver. Fraser began by stressing the importance immigrants play in Canada and highlighting that in order for Canada to remain a top choice for newcomers, options must be given to welcome their families as well.  Family members from visa-required countries who have submitted family class permanent residency (PR) applications can apply for Temporary Resident Visas (TRVS) to join their family in Canada. However, too often many of these applications are refused...

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Uk Bans Nigerian Students From Bringing dependants From January 2024

UK BANS NIGERIAN STUDENTS By January 2024, Nigerians and other foreign nationals on a study visa to the United Kingdom will no longer be able to bring in their family members. This is a new policy rolled out by the British government to curb migration, revealed on Tuesday. Under the proposals, only a limited number of those who come from abroad to study in the UK will still be allowed to bring their partners or children to the country from January 2024. The crackdown on foreign students bringing dependants to Britain comes ahead of fresh migration figures to be released on Thursday. Earlier, Home...

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ABUJA, A Network Of Economic Upturn


FCT, A Network Of Economic Upturn. THE BEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL!   Have you thought about investing in a splendid and the Most Beautiful city in Nigeria?  Abuja is stunning beautiful, the city’s uniqueness is breathtaking. There are thousands of words I would love to qualify the beauty of Abuja with but time and space will not permit me. When it comes to structure, Abuja is first in the list in Nigeria.  I call the city: “Washington D.C. in Nigeria”. The city is also the hot cake networking economic upturn in Nigeria. Join me to see reasons why you should think investment in Abuja. ABOUT...

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