Subject To Regularization Visa (STR)

Subject To Regularization Visa (STR)

Categories of foreigners that can apply are expatriates employed by individuals, corporate bodies or governments to take up employment in Nigeria. This is the type of visa required by foreigners seeking to take up employment in Nigeria. Section 8, sub section(1), of the Immigration Act provides that:

“No person, not being a citizen of Nigeria, may take up employment in Nigeria other than employment with the federal or state government without the consent of the Comptroller-General of Immigration”.

Section 33 of the Act further provides that:

An application must be made to the Comptroller-General by the prospective employer, in writing, confirming that he/she has a vacancy on the expatriate quota and at the same time stating the position in which prospective employee is to be employed and confirming acceptance of immigration responsibility”.

The employer company applies to the Nigerian embassy or consular office in the country where such intending employee resides, requesting that he and his accompanying spouse, fiancée or children, if applicable be granted subject to regularisation for residence work permit (STR Visa) when he arrives in Nigeria. In such application, the employer company undertakes to assume immigration and other responsibilities for the employee and whoever is accompanying such expatriates.

  • Getting an STR visa is only the first step towards working and living in Nigeria. The STR visa alone does not entitle you to take up employment in Nigeria right away. After your employer has applied for the regularization of your stay on arrival to Nigeria, you will be given the CERPAC  which is a combined residence and work permit, After this CERPAC form has been processed, the outcome will be the Aliens Registration Card popularly called the Green Card will be issued which is usually the final process valid for a minimum amount of 2 years.


  • Valid passport with minimum of 6 months validity
  • Formal application for STR Visa from the Employer / Institution accepting Immigration Responsibility
  • Letter of employment
  • Expatriate quota approval
  • Credentials of the applicant
  • Duly completed form IMM 22
  • Evidence of financial support
  • Letters of Offer of Appointment and Acceptance of Offer
  • Educational qualifications and Curriculum Vitae
  • For chief executive officers (C.E.O) of corporate organizations, there is need for extract of the minutes of the Board’s resolution
  • Obtainable only from Nigerian Missions in the countries where applicants are domiciled for at least six (6) months

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