Visa Interview-Secrets to a Successful One

Visa Interview-Secrets to a Successful One

The Secrets to a successful visa interview are simple and easy to understand. To get your immigration papers easily there are a few things you need to know first aside from the interview questions.

It is normal to feel that way, everyone does and it’s not only based on visa interviews alone. It could be a job interview or trying out a new thing or getting to know someone whatever the case maybe we all get nervous at some point.

Everyone feels nervous about their visa interview especially if it’s their first time. But when you prepare ahead you can easily ace that situation or in this case visa interview.

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For Nigerians, any foreign passport is a big deal due to how the Nigerian economy is presently and so it is normal to feel nervous.

I feel nervous when I get called to attend an interview especially if its the first time. It is not new how difficult they say getting an American visa is even though you have all the necessary documents you still need to go for their interview.

Is it a bit scary, yes, I mean you get to hear different experiences about how a visa interview goes and somehow doubt if you can be successful?

You would agree with me that it’s not easy to pass their visa interview and get your visa/ immigration papers. There have been a lot of stories on how most people get denied on their first trial but then all hope isn’t lost.

I have taken it upon myself to let you in on secrets to a successful visa interview. You should know that this interview is like an exam, if you are not prepared you wouldn’t pass. But if you are prepared success is definitely a guarantee.

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When you receive your interview invitation, it is crucial that you read it carefully as it will direct you exactly WHEN (date and time) and WHERE (location) your interview will take place.

Secrets to a successful visa interview

  1. Go a day before

It is advisable to go a day before to the USCIS field office where your interview would take place. This will enable you to determine how long it would take you to get there.

If you live in Lagos for example, and probably have no idea where the embassy office is or how long it takes to get there. It would be very bad because Lagos traffic can sometimes be so unpredictable which may lead to you arriving at your destination late.

But when you know how long it’s going to take to get to the embassy, you would arrive early and more relaxed.

Note: You definitely don’t want to be late for your first immigration interview, it doesn’t speak well. And going a day before gives you an insight into how long it would take to get there, the security, and possible procedures that are done before the interview.


Usually, it is required of you to dress professionally when going for an interview. Suit and tie aren’t a necessity but it is best to dress professionally, respectfully, and comfortably.

Read your applications and be familiar with all the questions and answers on them- you will be asked questions from your applications, it helps to prepare and review them.

3. Carry all documents including originals

The interview notice will often include a general list of documents that might not always apply to you completely. But it’s recommended to bring the original copy of every document you initially submitted during your application.

Organize all required documents in a binder with dividers for easy access during your interview – It reduces stress levels when you can easily find and access a document you are asked to provide the officer with.

4. Wait for your Attorney.

Occasionally an immigration officer will call you for your interview earlier than your appointed time before your attorney has arrived in the waiting room. In these cases, the immigration officer may pressure you to go ahead with the interview without your lawyer present. He may ask you to sign a form agreeing to be interviewed without the presence or assistance of your attorney.

It is a huge mistake to agree to be interviewed without your lawyer present. In this situation, the intelligent thing to do is to respectfully ask the officer to allow sufficient time for your lawyer to be present at your interview. Without an experienced immigration attorney present to protect you, the immigration officer may trample all over your legal rights, and deny your visa.

 5. Bring an Interpreter

Applicants who are not fluent in English are required to bring their own interpreter.  The interpreter must be lawfully present in the United States. The officer may not allow a relative to interpret. The interpreter must only interpret the questions asked and the answers given, or else the immigration officer may get annoyed, which can hurt your case.

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