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Uk business is easy and transparent, and the Uk Home office introduced a number of business and investment categories. Which you can use to decide on what business visa to apply for that goes with what you intend to do there.

Unlike other visas, you must be certain that you filled in the correct working visa to avoid issues in the long run. In some cases, your business visa can be granted a leave to remain in the Uk or in other words as a settlement in the Uk.

Interesting right, the Uk open market, and diversified economy provide both investors and entrepreneurs to consider moving into the country and establish their businesses themselves.  This is because it would allow them to gain access to the domestic market with ease and understand how the market works.

Why is this process is good?

With this new leverage, opening a limited company in the UK usually takes less than a week, depending on your business model, and opening a business account takes no more than a few days as most providers can get it opened online.

So, Uk creates for any business or brand a sense of security that almost all markets are regulated and gives both customers and investors a sense of secured reliability.

Recently, the world bank rates the united kingdom as the top place in  Europe to do business, due to the ease and access support they give to investors or entrepreneurs. It is also ranked as the 4TH in the world, having a business in the UK is a good idea and they also embrace their high tech and evolving technology.


Many intend on relocating to the United Kingdom, either to start a business or invest in an already established one. And sometimes this relocation could be for a short- term or a long-term either way when applying you should apply for a business visit visa which serves for the short-term.


Before listing the requirements, here are some benefits  you get with a UK Business Working Visa:

Business contracts are being discussed as well as the signing of Uk Contracts

Conducts Business meetings or conferences in the Uk

Manufacturing and supplying businesses can also enter the UK under the business visa

A client of a United Kingdom export business, which allows an employee from the contracting business to come and enter the Uk, making sure the delivery of the contract is being fulfilled.

Science and Researcher, the Uk home office will check that researchers and scientists are paid and employed fully overseas when carrying out activities in the UK.

Note: they must be specialists in their working area and have extensive experience in their field in order to undertake research, teaching, or clinical practices, with the view that they maintain their full-time work overseas.

Prospective entrepreneurs can also enter the UK, to discuss their business plan with potential venture capital firms/investors but however cannot start their business in the Uk until they have applied for the appropriate business visa.

There are special provisions for academics to be in the Uk and permitted to be here for a continuous period of 12months. They must demonstrate that they are highly qualified and experts in their field prior to entering the Uk

Conditions of the business visa

The business visitor’s visa does not lead to indefinite leave to remain and is not a basis for settling in the Uk. But when you’ve applied for a business visa, it is expected that no exchanges of salary or payments of services be made in the UK because a person is providing a service in the UK.

A business visa can be applied for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, or 10years. But there are conditions on how long they would be permitted under the business visas in the UK.

When applying for the business visa, your financial position, as well as evidence of income and intention to return, must be shown.

During your stay in the Uk, you are not allowed to switch to long-term visas, but you can be able to study full time and have no intention of settling in the UK. The visa doesn’t allow you to bring family members into the country, they would have to apply for a visa that meets the requirements.


All business working visas must be applied for online, the application route must be chosen carefully to avoid completing the wrong application, which can lead to your visa being denied.

In the past application forms were normally 100 pages on average but now digital application streamlines this based on the answers provided.

Note: Making sure you understand the questions on the form is also important. Secrets on how you can pass your visa interview, click on the link to read more:

A business working visa takes an average of 24hours to 8 weeks or possibly longer for it to get approved. It also depends on the country the applicant is from and what type of business working visas you applied for.

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